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MFH-5-1/4-B Manifold

[ 1480497422000 ]

Aluminum manifold block rectangle pneumatic solenoid valve 

Brand name   COYO                                      Product Model   MFH-5-1/4-B Series

Material   Aluminum in Barcol hardness 95     Medium   Gas

Color   Primary color of aluminum 

Product application area  

Processed by customzied aluminum, Replace MFH-5-1/4-B series manifold, with sealing and screws as a set.

Advantages Of COYO Manifolds

  1. Stations max up to 10 valves
  2. Anodizing with great resistant to corrosion
  3. Clear inlet and outlet,without rag
  4. O-ring sealing and nickeling screws,protect gas not leakage
  5. Each one with individual package  
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