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About US

    FOSHAN CITY COYO PRECISION MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO. LTD is a professional enterprise produce、sold various kinds of pneumatic solenoid valve manifold、valve plate and valve base. We uphold the concept of “profession、creation、reality、integrity”. To provide the most quality products for domestic and foreign pneumatic element manufacturers、merchants and terminal clients, we are focus on developing and producing pneumatic manifold.

    Our company is located in near China’s largest aluminum production base-- dali,Nanhai, so we have the unique advantage about aluminum purchasing、machining and surface treatment .Our manifold are all adopted 6061-T6 model aluminum, the hardness achieved more than 14-15. We adopt CNC technology including AMERICA HASS、TAIWAN YOUJIA to machining、wire drawing、polishing、anodizing surface treatment. We set up a strict entire process quality control system, which make sure the excellence and higher quality products. Our company established the agency and the finished product warehouse in Changsha、Wuxi in 2013, which help us to provide quick、convenience service for the clients who come from East China、North China and Central China, and shorten the pick up time, reduce the logistics cost.

    We have complete  various of product, including Parker、AirTAC 、MINDMAN、SMC、CKD、KOGANEI、KURODA、FESTO、CHELIC、SHAKO、Norgren and ISO5591/1,which involving more than 10 brands, 60 series, 800 kind of products. We cooperate with main domestic and foreign pneumatic element factory as a manifold OEM vendor in recent years.

    Because Professional so excellence. We sincerely welcome clients to visit and guide. Processing according to your samples of various series of pneumatic manifold.